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BROOKLYN, NY – A specialty wine boutique is slated to open mid-October 2013 at 489 Myrtle Avenue (between Hall & Ryerson) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Corkscrew Brooklyn will provide a broad selection of wines that have a story to tell and a philosophy to convey. These are terroir driven wines with a strong sense of typicity- meaning a clean and true representation of a time, place and style. The stories of each wine are as varied as the residents of Clinton Hill, and all speak the language of authenticity and honesty.

The vast majority of Corkscrew’s wines are estate-bottled from women and/or family-run wineries and are produced with passion, integrity and respect for regional culture and indigenous grape varieties often overlooked in a world of mass-appeal products.

Corkscrew aims to have a balance in its selection between classic and progressive producers and to offer a wide range of price points with a focus on value as well as quality. Prices range from $8 to $150 with the majority of wines retailing between $15 and $27.

There is a special focus on female wine makers, grower champagnes, local producers as well as glass-ware, wine accessories, and weekly tasting events. Corkscrew is also deeply involved in the local community and have organized toy drives, charity events such as kids sing-a-longs, CSA food pickup, a free vegan compost and art walks.

Owner and founder Karin Torres is a retail professional and Myrtle Avenue resident whose mission is to provide a friendly wine shop experience with logical merchandising and knowledgeable staff to guide you with excellent customer service. “I want to take snobbery out of the wine store – wine is for everyone, wine is easy – it’s food. You are the expert of what works for you.”

Corkscrew considers wine a natural and healthy part of life and socializing; enriching our lives just like sharing a meal with friends. Karin compares her wine selections to the assortment of a great supermarket: you can find your everyday staple wines, the “Tuesday-night-chicken” dinner wine, the “friends-in-town” wine, and the special occasion and seasonal wines; the range is wide and the selection is broad.

Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership is “thrilled to have Corkscrew join the community of local business owners on Myrtle Avenue. Corkscrew will bring a new type of wine boutique to the Clinton Hill side of the retail corridor, expanding the neighborhood’s current offerings and further promoting Myrtle Avenue as a local food destination”-Michael Blaise Backer (Executive Director).

The partnership will be awarding Corkscrew a storefront improvement grant via their New York Main Street program, which will help offset the considerable costs of Ms. Torres’ improvements to the retail space.

Corkscrew Brooklyn has enlisted the help of local company WRK Design (previous projects include Brooklyn Winery, Earnest Sewn stores, and Milk Studios) to restore and beautify the space with an art- deco inspiration. Corkscrew aims to be an important component in the economic development and cultural resurgence of Clinton Hill and a fixture in the community for many years to come.