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Natural Portuguese & French Tasting + January Juice

Saturday Tasting
Fresh & Natty

Aphros Loureiro 'Ten', Vinho Verde 2015
Lemon-Lime notes hit upfront on the palate with blazing acidity to cut through silky and slightly weighty body. An elegant winter white!

Aphros Phaunus, Vinho Verde 2015
A blend of white and red grapes, this fresh and light red shows some seaside & tide-pools on the nose, giving way to some crunchy red fruit and a dash of sea salt.

Domaine Rolet, Arbois, Jura 2012
Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Trousseau play quite well together here giving soft cherry notes and hints of mushroom and earth.

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    Corkscrew Wines

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