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Francophile Tasting & New 4 Pack!


Domaine des Chamans 'Open Now' Minervois 2015
An herbaceous nose with a fresh fruit palate, this red is ready for all you spring sipping needs

Rasteau Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015
Bright aromas of red fruits with a full body and balanced, mellow tannin and hints of black pepper

Dominique Piron, Gamay, Coteaux Bourguignon 2015
Medium body with generous earth and pepper notes and hints of dark berries.

Purchase of any 2 or more tasting bottles are always 10% off

Countdown to Wedding Season

Memorial day weekend is around the corner. That means only 6 weeks until your social calendar begins to look like a celebrity promoting a new movie. It's never too early to think about what you and your guests will be imbibing as their liquid courage for the dance floor. We're here to help and make your night a little extra special.

Contact us for details

Make Love not War 4-Pack
A delightful pack of spring drinkables ready for a peaceful weekend. Spritzy and fun Vinho Verde, floral Malvasia, crisp and complex Tavel Rosé and a full and earthy Negroamaro.

Weekend Warriors

Don't forget the wine this weekend! Big bottles for whatever life has in store for you. 
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