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Fortified & Apéritif Wines + Sensory Tasting

Fortified & Apéritif Wines + Sensory Tasting

Fortified & Aromatized Wine Tasting

This Saturday 5-7 - FREE

People have been adding things to wine for centuries....and we're not talking about an ice cube or a splash of soda either!

Herbs, spices, roots, barks...even more alcohol!

You may know some of them as: Vermouth, Amaro, or Aperitifs. Commonly referred to as Aromatized or Fortified Wines. Great for mixing or sipping; Come learn more about this classic category of wines + (?)


Wednesday July 20 & Saturday July 23


Have FUN and LEARN about Wine!

Learn how to build olfactory (smell) files about wine grapes, the language to talk about them and the tools to differentiate between them, in one insanely fun outdoor setting.
Allison Robbins, who has a Certification in Vintage Wine from UCLA and holds both the Intermediate and AdvancedWine Certifications from England’s Wineand Spirits Education Trust, will be giving a full-on wine seminar with props, including up to 50 sensory components — everything from grapefruit slices to a slab of concrete, fresh-cut grass to strongly brewed tea — to help you describe what you’re smelling and tasting.  Learn how to differentiate winegrapes and build your ability to talk aboutwine without being afraid you’ll sound like a poser.
Sip, learn, laugh – spitting is optional.

Outdoor event - cancelled in case of rain.
All attendees receive a complimentary 10% off any Corkscrew Wines Brooklynpurchases. 

Meet Allison: http://www.allisonrobbinswines.com/inside-philosophy.html



Hand-poured soy candles in a recycled winebottle, in 3 scents: Rose, Champagne and Pinot Noir. 60-80 hrs burn time. 
Soap Bar: Rose, Pinot Noir, $7.95

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