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  • Aperitivo Tasting, New Packs & Spirited Support
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Aperitivo Tasting, New Packs & Spirited Support

Grab a tumbler and tumble on in for our Aperitivo Tasting!


Dolin Dry Vermouth, for the perfect Martini chez vous... $13.50 

Cappelletti Aperitivo and a little prosecco make the perfect summer night sprtiz. $27

Cocchi Americano, made in the same fashion since 1891, this Americano needs littler more than a zest of orange and a splash of soda to bring out its full depth. $26
Purchase of 2 or more bottles is always 10% off!
Bloody Hot 4-pack

WHITES: Crisp, clean Italian Friulano and lightly oaked French Chardonnay.

REDS: A chillable Beaujolais Gamay and a juicy Italian Bonarda.


 Seeking: Spirited Support!

Friends, Neighbors, and Dear Clients,

Earlier this year we attempted to attain our Spirits license, however we were denied based upon the protest of a neighboring retailer. We hope to appeal this decision but need your help!

By  donating a minute of your time and your lovely e-autograph here, we hope to show the NY State Liquor Authority that there is plenty of room for spirits on Myrtle Ave. Thank you for your support!
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The first 15 guests receive 15% off any order over $15

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